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420Scope, marijuana, and your health

Wednesday, April 16th, 2008

Please be careful if you are purchasing weed in Germany. In fact, don’t purchase any weed there with out a 420Scope. Your life might depend on it. Ok, it is not THAT life threatning, but scary none the less.I have made it a habit to check my smoke like a jeweler and his diamonds. Please watch out. As the economy gets worse, some shady dealers might try to do this.
According to an article from Reuters:
Drug dealers looking for extra profits apparently added lead flakes to packets of marijuana, inflating their value while causing dozens of cases of serious poisoning, doctors in Germany reported today

The lead made up, on average, 10 per cent of the material in the marijuana packets, boosting profits by about $US1,500 ($A1,613) per kilogram, Franzika Busse of University Hospital Leipzig reported. (more…)

G4 TV Makes 4/20 Official

Monday, April 14th, 2008

G4 takes large strides in realizing their demographic and is making April 20th and all day 420 bonanza. Nothing but marijuana friendly programming. Attack of the Show broadcasting from Jamaica. Code Monkeys has a 420 Special. Half-Baked with its’ G4TV premiere. 24 Hours of Weed. Now if only Olivia Munn would shoot a porno. Auctions to a Higher Level

Monday, April 14th, 2008

420bay is an alternative to some of the big classifieds and auction websites. 420bay does not have all the harsh restrictions and FREE. You can post bongs, pipes, grinders, stash jars, 420Scope’s, dvd’s, posters, whatever. I have seen some nice glass at great prices. Totally free listings for your 420 stuff. I actually just sold a bong that I had for years. I cleaned it to new condition. (Check some of our other post for tips on how to do that.) Anyway, got ride of an old Graffix bong and was able to buy something new. 420 bay is kinda like craigslist meets ebay with 420 goodness.

CLEAN YOUR BONGS AND PIPES. For you and your friends health.

Click on the flyer below to check out

5 Misconceptions about Drug Dealers

Monday, April 14th, 2008

1.That we are banks.

Just like any other business, we have to manage cash flow and inventories. Most drug dealers thrive on the “velocity” of these transactions. When someone asks for a front, not only has he lost the inventory, but also the money that could come from it NOW. We don’t want to get a FICA score on you to do business. Fuck You and Pay Me should be the mantra; especially when dealing with a retail level consumer.

2.That we are vastly different from any mainstream business.

The goal is to profit.
There are fixed and variable costs. The cost of moving cargo and the cost of electricity has affected all of us. Get ready for pricier pot and booger sugar that ain’t doin’ what it used to.
We do inventory management, accounting, marketing, sales and all kinds of other work like bullshit. (more…)