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Citrus Isopropyl Alcohol

Thursday, July 31st, 2008

So I am cruising through K-Mart picking up a few things and I remember that I needed some rubbing alcohol.  No big deal, then low and behold I run into something rather unexpected on the shelf… 70% Isopropyl Alcohol with Citrus.  citrusalcohol2.jpg

I check out the bottle and it is regular alcohol with a citrus scent.  Sweet.

First thing I did when I got home was clean my bong and man this stuff is great.  I just added a little bit of salt and it was just like I remember formula 420 being.

I highly recommend this citrus scented blend. You get great cleaning powers and now you don’t even have to deal with the sharp smell of the rubbing alcohol.

I paid about 2 bucks a bottle and I am gonna go back for more.  Do yourself a favor and pick some up.

Keep cleaning those bongs.

Bong and Pipe Cleaning Tools Part 1

Sunday, April 27th, 2008

Along side your alcohol, salt and rice you should try these 3 simple bong and pipe cleaning tools. Most of the work is going to be done by the aforementioned items, but these additional tools can help any situation.


My first go-to helper is the “q-tip” or cotton swab. These nifty tools are very safe for all of your glass especially. One of the best parts of Qtips is they are disposable. They are flexible and can make it into very tight spots also. Dip them in alcohol for added affect. I find Q-tips to be a valuable tool for not only cleaning, but they are great for maintaining. Again, dip them in alcohol and they work wonders. Remember that you can buy extra long versions too. This will aid the cleaning of larger pieces.

(more…) Auctions to a Higher Level

Monday, April 14th, 2008

420bay is an alternative to some of the big classifieds and auction websites. 420bay does not have all the harsh restrictions and FREE. You can post bongs, pipes, grinders, stash jars, 420Scope’s, dvd’s, posters, whatever. I have seen some nice glass at great prices. Totally free listings for your 420 stuff. I actually just sold a bong that I had for years. I cleaned it to new condition. (Check some of our other post for tips on how to do that.) Anyway, got ride of an old Graffix bong and was able to buy something new. 420 bay is kinda like craigslist meets ebay with 420 goodness.

CLEAN YOUR BONGS AND PIPES. For you and your friends health.

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