Alcohol and salt

The fact of the matter is that you DO NOT need to buy any special “Formula’s” to take care of your 420 cleaning needs. All a used bong needs is salt and alcohol. Rice works too.

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7 Responses to “Alcohol and salt”

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  3. Bongspert Says:

    I’m sorry but NEVER, NEVER use salt when cleaning a bong. It will not scratch it because its literally impossible but will leave salt deposits that will be permanently have your bong looking fogy or cloudy. This can be prevented by running tons of hot water through it after cleaning it and also wiping the inside but it still doesnt get rid of all of it. If you dont do this it will continue to build up and by that time it will be very hard or nearly impossible to make it clear again. Just use a specified glass cleaner at your headshops like simple green. Will clean your bong 5x better than iso alcohol and u can use much less. Believe me ive been through this more than once and paying the extra money to get it super clean and not worry about it getting cloudy is well worth it

  4. joj0289 Says:

    Your a dumb fuck. Guess you don’t know how to clean a bong dumb retard ^

  5. Pipe Sheen Says:

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  6. Cheap Bongs Says:

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  7. Kevin Says:

    I’ve held the same beliefs since a paper I did in the 80 s for a cogelle English class, it was one of several topics to pick from.Some of the facts that really changed my mind I’ll try and touch on here, to the best of my memory.There has never in history been a single death attributed to marijuana, it was estimated that you would have to consume over 500X your body weight in a 24 hr period to even come close. Yet every year thousands die from alcohol, cigarettes, and even several hundred each year from aspirin.Prohibition has never worked, never will, it just makes criminals out of otherwise good citizens. It does however pump millions into local law enforcement coffers around this country.It was estimated that over 50%, in most states prison population, was there because of low level drug use, with marijuana being the most prevalent by far. At that time it was estimated the cost of incarcerating these individuals at over $38,000 per year. At the same time losing revenue from the incarcerated person as most of those marijuana users had jobs prior to arrest.Also at the time the term Medical Marijuana was just being coined, yet not taken seriously by most doctors for fear of ridicule from the industry, and loss of business, .Another fact that came to light was that the law criminalizing marijuana in the 1st place, the Harrison Act of 1933 I believe,was heavily supported by two lobbies, the pharmaceutical corporations, and the timber industry.The argument can be made that, then, as today, the big pharma industry would stand to lose billions if a cheaper, natural alternative were to be validated for a lot of their medications. They are still finding new ways that marijuana reacts with the body such as anti-nausea relief during chemo therapy, muscle spasm relief, sleep aids, and anti-seizure uses.The argument against the timber lobby is just as valid. It takes huge amounts of labor,fossil fuel,time and land to produce paper from trees. Some of our worst river pollution stems from paper processing mills, as the demand for these goods has multiplied enormously. Hemp, an otherwise legal form of the cannabis plant, produces a better quality product that does not require the intense chemical processing as products made from wood. It also regenerates in a normal farm type setting up to three times a year, unlike timber, which takes upwards of 10 years to regrow forests.A bonus that would result that is almost always overlooked is the time it would free up for law enforcement to concentrate on more serious crimes, the money to be saved by States Attorney’s, and Judiciary Departments from not having to enforce mandated sentences, not to mention the cost of uselesss incarcerations.The time is fast approaching wnen it will be legalised as opinions ease with each new generation. Budgetary shortfalls will only hasten it’s demise. The lives that have been ruined over the course of this misguided law will never be fully understood, or can in any way be rectified. I whole heartedly support any group or indivdual who purposes to hasten repeal of these laws.

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