Best License Plate Ever

Sometimes vanity license plates are a chore to decipher.   Luckily my friends is pretty simple. frontwatermark.jpg

This is a real license plate.

This is also something you could only get away with here on Maui. My friend bought this car with the license plates.  He asked about the plates when he bought the car.

The story from the little old lady goes:  She ordered these plates from the DMV and got a call that they were in.  She went to pick them up at the local office.  They couldn’t find them.  backwatermark.jpg They sent her off to the main dmv.   Maui is a small island.  When she got there, dmv couldn’t find her plates either.  Finally after some time a manager came from the back with the plates.  DMV would not release the plates.  The lady asked why?  The manager said they could be offensive.  The lady had no idea what to think.   She busted out some paperwork of a recently deceased relative that had the same initials.   WTF? for real.  She walked out with the plates and now my buddy and his wife own the car.  closeupwatermark.jpg Don’t know if I could drive around with that as a plate.

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One Response to “Best License Plate Ever”

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