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Me Super High

Wednesday, May 14th, 2008

Last Year while making my rounds at the 20th Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam, I was fortunate enough to meet Doug Benson. Little did I know at the time, he was about to drop a “Potumentary” called Super High ME. Imagine Super Size ME, but with pot instead of McDonald’s. superhighmovieposter.jpg Doug Benson starts the movie with 30 days of no smoking or alcohol and then dedicating the next 30 days to copious amounts of smoking and eating marijuana laced products.

I felt the ‘meat’ of the movie was the conflict between state medical marijuana laws and federal anti-drug laws. There are some very candid shots of medicinal dispensaries getting raided and the protests that ensued. A perspective you really don’t get to see in the mainstream media. Unfortunately, Super High Me did lack the real medical examination of the 30 days of consuming MJ and the reality check of a real documentary.

Some things this movie is:
-Doug Benson’s humorous 30-day stoned journey.
-a political film about the dispute between state and federal authorities on Marijuana legalization in California.
-a club film about Benson’s comedy act during the period of his 30-day experiment.
-evidence that marijuana won’t do much harm.


Maui 420 on 4/21 Cannabis Cup

Friday, May 2nd, 2008

Sometimes April 20th can be such an action packed day that you don’t have time to do anything. We are of course referring to the ’420 Fried Food Feast’. (Please click here to check it out) It was equally as fun as our Maui 420 on 4/21 Cannabis Cup.


Mastercards are Priceless

Friday, May 2nd, 2008

Make Up $ 40

Hair Stylist: $75

Body Waxing: $110

Custom Tattoo: $150

Sexy Designer Outfit: $225

Collagen Lip Enhancement: $400

Boob Job: $6 ,000