Is It Time to Clean Your Bong? is trying to start a clean pipe and bong movement.

All too often pipes and bongs are neglected. Filled full of unhealthy, nasty residue.

I try to make this analogy: A marijuana enthusiast is to a cooking enthusiast as a bong is to a frying pan. They are both tools of the trade.

Would you want to eat what a cook had used the previous day without cleaning? That’s nasty and so are dirty bongs. Your pipes and bongs not only deserve to be cleaned, but should be done for health reasons.

Once you get into the habit of regular cleaning it becomes less chore like. Cleaning will become routine and less challenging. Having to clean out a couple months of crap can be quit tedious.

As grows, we will provide constant assistance in your bong and pipe cleaning missions. Tips, tricks, how-to’s, and how not’s.

Also, we welcome any information you might have to share. Please feel free to contact us with any submissions for Helping your fellow stoner achieve cleanliness is a good thing.

We always feel it is time to clean your bong. Here is an example of waiting too long. Just watch the first 20 seconds. That is about all Team UsedBongs could handle before crying. Poor Bong and poor people. Nasty.

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2 Responses to “Is It Time to Clean Your Bong?”

  1. DonKeyPunch Says:

    That was the nastiest bong ever.
    It is like it took a giant shit.

  2. shark cordless vacuum vx3 Says:

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    [...]Is It Time to Clean Your Bong? »[...]…

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