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Bong and Pipe Cleaning Tools Part 1

Sunday, April 27th, 2008

Along side your alcohol, salt and rice you should try these 3 simple bong and pipe cleaning tools. Most of the work is going to be done by the aforementioned items, but these additional tools can help any situation.


My first go-to helper is the “q-tip” or cotton swab. These nifty tools are very safe for all of your glass especially. One of the best parts of Qtips is they are disposable. They are flexible and can make it into very tight spots also. Dip them in alcohol for added affect. I find Q-tips to be a valuable tool for not only cleaning, but they are great for maintaining. Again, dip them in alcohol and they work wonders. Remember that you can buy extra long versions too. This will aid the cleaning of larger pieces.


Snoop Dogg and Willie Nelson

Sunday, April 27th, 2008

Cannabis icons Willie Nelson and Snoop Dogg treated an Amsterdam crowd to a musical match made in marijuana heaven. The dynamic duo performed live at the Melkweg on April 21st. 2008.

I can hardly imagine seeing either one of these guys live in Amsterdam, but to have both on stage…what a treat.

Although not the tightest musical performance. The two were obviously having fun and were playing to the crowd.

Please enjoy this “high” quality footage from the show. The first 30 seconds is a blank screen with just audio, but then the magic happens.

This footage is courtesy of:

Is It Time to Clean Your Bong?

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2008 is trying to start a clean pipe and bong movement.

All too often pipes and bongs are neglected. Filled full of unhealthy, nasty residue.

I try to make this analogy: A marijuana enthusiast is to a cooking enthusiast as a bong is to a frying pan. They are both tools of the trade.

Would you want to eat what a cook had used the previous day without cleaning? That’s nasty and so are dirty bongs. Your pipes and bongs not only deserve to be cleaned, but should be done for health reasons.

Once you get into the habit of regular cleaning it becomes less chore like. Cleaning will become routine and less challenging. Having to clean out a couple months of crap can be quit tedious.

As grows, we will provide constant assistance in your bong and pipe cleaning missions. Tips, tricks, how-to’s, and how not’s.


420 Fried Food Feast

Monday, April 21st, 2008

First of all, I wanna state how happy I am that 420 is something that happens twice a day and not just once a year.

Now something that should only happen once a year is the “420 Fried Food Feast”.
A gathering of friends, fried food, and the celebration of marijuana.

What a glorious day it was and a big shout out to Mike for lending the key ingredient: the deep fryer. :)

The 420

  • Sour Diesel x Spontanica

  • Trainwreck

The Fried Food Feast

  • Kalua Pork, Cream Cheese and Thai Sweet Chili Sauce Won Tons
  • Chicken Eggrolls
  • Beef Taquitos
  • Chicken Taquitos
  • Pork Gyoza
  • Tempura Shrimp
  • Tempura Broccoli

The 420 was wonderful. The fried food was delightfully gluttonous. The friends were happy.
This was our first “420 Fried Food Feast”, but it will NOT be the last. In fact we have already started planning the second annual “420 Fried Food Feast”.
Please enjoy some of the shots from the event:
Move around or double click on the polaroids for your viewing pleasure.

Happy 4/20

Sunday, April 20th, 2008

I hope that everyone can enjoy themselves on this occasion. 4/20 is a day for the celebration of marijuana.

Please clean your bongs and pipes for this occasion. You can check here for tips on how to clean your pieces.

Please smoke large amounts, share with your friends and pack a few bowls for those that can’t be here to enjoy.

Please be safe. Don’t toke and drive.

Eat some good food and get ready for next year.

Best 420 Stoner Video Ever

Saturday, April 19th, 2008

I know that this video has been out for a while, but I think everyone should rewatch it. I laugh EVERY time I watch this.

For those that have never seen this. Take a couple of rips and hold on.

Setup: A College Campus on 4/20

A Parachute with 30+ kids hotboxing underneath

A Lone Cop

and A College tour group watching

Enjoy the Benny Hill-esque madness that ensues.

Congress to Decriminalize Personal Marijuana

Friday, April 18th, 2008

Well, at least Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA) has introduced (HR 5843) bi-partisan legislation aimed at removing federal restrictions on the individual use of marijuana.

This is a good thing.

We the people need to call our Congress men and women and our representatives to demand that they support this bill.

202-224-3121 is the number for the switchboard at the capitol. Ask for your senator or congressman’s office. Type in your zip code at for more local information. You can email your senator or Representative as well as the President & the Vice President from this site. Let’s do this.

Look who is Co-sponsoring the bill: Reps. Ron Paul (R-TX), Maurice Hinchey (D-NY), Dana Rohrabacher(R-CA) and Sam Farr (D-CA).

Please read the press release from Rep. Frank’s website below:


420Scope, marijuana, and your health

Wednesday, April 16th, 2008

Please be careful if you are purchasing weed in Germany. In fact, don’t purchase any weed there with out a 420Scope. Your life might depend on it. Ok, it is not THAT life threatning, but scary none the less.I have made it a habit to check my smoke like a jeweler and his diamonds. Please watch out. As the economy gets worse, some shady dealers might try to do this.
According to an article from Reuters:
Drug dealers looking for extra profits apparently added lead flakes to packets of marijuana, inflating their value while causing dozens of cases of serious poisoning, doctors in Germany reported today

The lead made up, on average, 10 per cent of the material in the marijuana packets, boosting profits by about $US1,500 ($A1,613) per kilogram, Franzika Busse of University Hospital Leipzig reported. (more…)

G4 TV Makes 4/20 Official

Monday, April 14th, 2008

G4 takes large strides in realizing their demographic and is making April 20th and all day 420 bonanza. Nothing but marijuana friendly programming. Attack of the Show broadcasting from Jamaica. Code Monkeys has a 420 Special. Half-Baked with its’ G4TV premiere. 24 Hours of Weed. Now if only Olivia Munn would shoot a porno. Auctions to a Higher Level

Monday, April 14th, 2008

420bay is an alternative to some of the big classifieds and auction websites. 420bay does not have all the harsh restrictions and FREE. You can post bongs, pipes, grinders, stash jars, 420Scope’s, dvd’s, posters, whatever. I have seen some nice glass at great prices. Totally free listings for your 420 stuff. I actually just sold a bong that I had for years. I cleaned it to new condition. (Check some of our other post for tips on how to do that.) Anyway, got ride of an old Graffix bong and was able to buy something new. 420 bay is kinda like craigslist meets ebay with 420 goodness.

CLEAN YOUR BONGS AND PIPES. For you and your friends health.

Click on the flyer below to check out